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The Society for the Appreciation of **Gambit**
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Love the Ragin' Cajun that is Gambit? Want to share your favorite Gambit moments, images, fanfic, fanart? Want to talk about his storylines, his relationships, his past and his future?
Think the movies were hot, but the highlight was seeing the name "Remy LeBeau" flash across the screen in Stryker's office?
Then you've come to the right place, mon ami. Kick back and stay awhile, introduce yourself around. Tell us about your comic collection or your memories of the old school cartoon. Complain about the lack of Remy in the movies. Post your stories and art. We love it all.

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Gambit: "Where'd you get dat extra bio-energy?"
Bishop: "I stored it. Where'd you hide the bo-staff?"
Gambit: "Don't ask if y'don't want to know."

"I'm the leader of the geek patrol. That makes me king geek."

Find more fun quotes here, in case you forgot why he was the best. Ever.

Need a little basic background on the Cajun wonder? Check out this scan from Xmen magazine #10, From Feb of 1995- A general info sheet on the Ragin' Cajun
(For those of you with broadband connections, just look here.)

Waaaay past that basic crap? Try this one on for size.

Starting in June, 2003, this community will host a monthly Gambit contest, with a different theme. No one is required to participate in these, but they should be fun for both participants and spectators. This community is for small talk about the Cajun first and foremost, the contests are just for some fun. To find out about them, go to the memories page.
The rules and the general idea of it are behind that link, kids.

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