Katt (xenokattz) wrote in ragin_remy,

5 Things: Five Chords [1/1] Scott, Remy, Alex, Adam. (rated teen)

Title: Five Chords-- The Summers' Set to Music
Fandom: X-Men movieverse
Characters: Scott (Cyclops), Remy (Gambit), Alex (Havok), and Adam (the X-treme) Summers.
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 920
Disclaimer: 99% of the characters portrayed belong to Marvel Enterprises as well as Stan Lee, Jim Lee (no relation), Chris Claremont and various other writers/artists who have passed through Marvel's doors. Nothing at all belongs to me except for the geekery; this is all for entertainment. Please don't sue. While you're here though, Marvel enterprises, how's about more X-Men movies with your shiny new production company?
Author Notes: This takes place in the the same universe as my fic-novel, Elemental, which means that this is post-X2 and ignores X3. It can stand alone although those familiar with comic!verse will probably be wondering why Gambit is in here. ;)
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