Jean-Luc Meursault. (aceofrogues) wrote in ragin_remy,
Jean-Luc Meursault.

Now you see me.

Excuse the waste of space that constitutes this introductory post, but you seem like a kindly lot and I figured it wouldn't hurt to slip a social entry between the serious fic-age goin' down in this popsicle joint. Fans o' the Ragin' Cajun usually got that good old Southern hospitality anyhow. Enchanté, y'all. I run under a long list of sobriquets on the interwebs, but you can call me Luc. I grew up with two endearingly pompous-ass older brothers whose comic collections span entire walls, and have nurtured a clandestine Gambit obsession in a house where Wolverine and the Phoenix reigned supreme since the early mid nineties. Can't say I play the factual geek very well and I reckon I haven't read nearly as much as the half o' you, but I like to tell myself I know my way around the topic of American comics. Not much for prose-writing myself, but I sure as hell appreciate a good one-shot narrative and the community seems to be crawlin' with them (props). I also enjoy long walks in the city, bourbon and cola on the rocks, and the Delta blues. But this ain't the time or place for that. Here's to our future, mesdames et messieurs.

Bien à vous,
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