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Mutants of the Caribbean Chapter 2

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Rating: PG
Disc: WE don't own anything
Characters: Wolverine, Gambit, Jubilee (Rogue to come)
Synopsis: Before the X-Men...before genetics were understood...back in the golden age of sailing people with EXTRA abilities were called the accursed. These are their stories...

Mutants of the Caribbean:
Chapter 2: Jubilia

Jubilia knew enough not to climb the mast rigging. She also knew enough not to stay on deck during foul weather. For all she knew not to do, however, there she was, ascending the nets in the middle of a storm. Her father would scold her leaving their quarters. He might even punish her if he caught her. Another night of hard used dishes and cups full of who knew what. Sailors were disgusting. Just a bunch of men who left home without any manners in her opinion. Oh well. Who cared. She surely didn't. Nothing would deny her what she desired. Up in the lookout it would find her. She'd feel the wind rip at her face and threaten to toss her back to the ground. The rush of brushing up against raw fury was almost too much for her. And to think, she would never have known such a thing existed if she'd been below deck when that storm hit the first night she was aboard her father's ship. Wasn't she following her father's orders remaining by his side while he worked the wrinkles out of his fresh crewmen? Of course she was. She wasn't to blame. But she knew that explanation wouldn't hold with her father. Not if he knew she was deliberately trying to be struck by a bolt of lightning tonight.

    It had happened all of a sudden and with no warning, as she'd always heard it did. One minute she was standing on the mid-deck waiting for her father to come tramping back to her from haranguing some deckhands who weren't tying some ropes fast enough for him, the next... WHAM! All the various bits of sailing gear around her had been singed and the boards of the deck were blackened. When her father came flying around the corner to see if she'd been killed, she realized that she had to claim it had missed her. He wouldn't have believed her if she'd told him it had hit her anyways. And why should he have? Here she was, still alive, hardly blasted into bits and burnt up. No. Much more than that even, but to no one's knowledge but her own. When the lightning bolt had struck her, Jubilia had felt an empty place inside her begin to fill. Even with a direct hit, it was only a glimmer of how it would feel to be complete, but now she knew she had to have it all. Her father wouldn't grasp the slightest bit of it. Twelve wasn't so young. There were boys of ten on her father's boat. It had been their fault he hadn't been watching when the lightning flashed. If they could work on a boat, she could make her own decisions about where she went on that boat and why. One day she might attempt to explain. When she was ready.

    Now she was perched in the most likely spot. Lightning would strike her here or nowhere. She suddenly felt afraid.

    What if it wasn't the lightning that made me feel so good? What if I wasn't even hit by the lightning?

    Panic took her and she frantically began seeking the right ropes for her feet to climb down. The sky overhead roiled and belched rain onto everything. Her feet weren't catching the rope tightly enough to start the descent. If she put too much weight on the wrong footing, she would fall, into the sea or onto the deck. She didn't know which would be worse. She took her eyes off the ship and the waves and glanced up in time to see the blinding white flash of a bolt of lightning.

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