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New Rogue and Gambit fanfic...

Title: To Love Somebody
Chapter: Chapter 1:  A Deal with the Devil
Author: Lisa Whalen
Rating: PG
Disc: Don't own anything
'Verse: Comic. Lots of Gambit and Rogue :)
Summary: When Rogue joined the X-men there was deal made with Magneto. Now he's come to collect...

“Back off!” Rogue yelled over her shoulder as she stormed down the hall to her room. Gambit was left standing in the upper hallway of the Xavier institute, completely perplexed. He flinched when the sound of her door slamming shook the entire mansion.

“What’s wit dat girl?” He mused out loud.

“Maybe it’s your breath, Cajun. Had any gumbo lately?” Wolverine said from behind. Gambit turned with his eyes already narrowed.

“Couldn’t resist kicking a man when he was down, non?”

Wolverine edged his way around his fellow X-Man and leaned on the door to Gambit’s room. He took a cigar from his pocket and lit up.

“Are you down, Cajun?”

“I’d say so,” Remy eyed where Logan was going with the conversation. Wolverine had never cared much for him, and he wondered if his relationship with Rogue bother Logan because she represented the X-Men or because she represented something more to Logan than he even knew.

“You don’t know down,” Wolverine said taking a puff on his cigar, “Down is when your girlfriend turns into a cyborg or dies in your arms--.”

“Or marries another man, non?” Gambit smiled wryly.  Logan’s eyes took on a hateful gaze.

“Watch where you step, Cajun.”

“Why? You feel like getting nasty?” Gambit leaned back on the door to Logan’s room., “If you wish to fight, mon ami, I’ve nothing better to do.” Gambit took out a cigarette and following Logan’s cue lit up.

“Perhaps that is some insight to Rogue, you could share?” he asked shaking out the match. Logan eyed him suspiciously.

“What insight do you need other than SHE CAN”T TOUCH YOU!” Logan snapped and then added “or anybody else.”

“Ah, see that’s w here you’re wrong, “ Gambit grinned, “she touches Gambit all de time.”  He pushed his way past Logan and into room shutting the door behind him.

Rage boiled inside Wolverine for a split second but then it resided into something else. Love. He didn’t know how or why, but recently his thoughts seemed to linger on Rogue more and more. Now he knew why. She wasn’t Jean or Mariko or his usual type of woman. She was strong and at the same time tortured, like him. Yet she still rose above her plight everyday and…touched him.

Logan turned to go into him room when the alarm went off. All the doors down the hall started flying open, X-Men answering the call.

Rogue was lying on her bed in tears when the alarm went off. She had just enough time unclench her first from the crumpled photograph and leave it on her bed. It was a picture of Erik Lenshir. She popped out her door and into the hallway. The mansion was alive with footsteps as the X-Men, race, flew, teleported, phased to the War Room.

Rogue soared into the war room and took her seat around the table. Wolverine, sat down beside her, Kitty Pryde was on her other side. Cyclops and Jean were across from her, Nightcrawler Storm and Iceman just down from her. Gambit slid into a seat next to Iceman. Rogue didn’t look at him, but she could feel his eyes burning into her. Or was it simply his thoughts? They weren’t Scott and Jean there was no psychic link between their hearts, but yet even as she thought that she knew it wasn’t true. His heart seemed to pulse with hers. He always seemed to know when she needed him (and when she didn’t) but regardless of the situation she knew he wanted to be beside her.  She swallowed hard and turned her attention to the Professor.

“What’s the sit, Charlie?” Wolverine pressed. He seemed anxious for anything to take his mind off his interlude with Gambit. Death, destruction imminent danger seemed like the best bet.

Professor Xavier inhaled slowly and then turned and looked directly into Rogue’s mind.

Rogue, I fear that you and I must now answer for past promises. Know that regardless of what is about to happen the X-Men will stand beside you and your wishes will be taken into account.

Yes, Professor. Ah understand. Came Rogue’s response.

Good. I for I fear that when the others learn of the deal we made so long ago, they may question our actions and our loyalties, but don’t let their fearful words cut too deeply into your heart. We all think of you as an X-Man first and foremost and perhaps our resident “southern belle” secondly.

Rogue felt Xavier physically smile and then he exited her mind.

“X-Men,” He began strongly, “It appears that we have unfinished business with Magneto of the most sensitive nature.” Xavier glanced at Rogue for a second and then back table.

“When Rogue came to us,” Gambit’s ears pricked at her name and he straightened from his usual slump in his chair.

”She was desperate. Her power was completely out of control and the other personas she had absorbed were fighting her own personality for control.” Rogue felt her face go hot as the other X-Men turned to look at her.

“It was Mystique that brought her to us, in the hopes that I could aid the child in finding some semblance of control… I regret that I have not been successful.”

Rogue’s eyes began to well with tears.

“What you don’t know is that when Mystique brought Rogue to us she also brought terms.”
Gambit felt his body grow stiff with tension. Wolverine felt his heart racing as he looked from the professor to Rogue and back.

“Rogue would be allowed sanctuary with the Brotherood’s enemy, Magneto would not pursue the return of his student, for seven years, long enough for me to have a sufficient chance to help her master her power or for the onset of adulthood to possibility grant her that ability.”

“What’s supposed to happen after times up?” Wolverine blurted out.

Rogue was taken aback by Logan’s impatience.

Professor Xavier braced himself, “She is to be returned…to the Brotherhood.”
There was a sudden clamor amongst the table.
“Or she will be taken by force,” Xavier finished silencing the din.

“Then we fight to protect her!” Gambit said standing up.

“We won’t allow one of our own to be taken this way,” Storm said.

“It isn’t that simple-,” Xavier began.

“We’ve fought Magneto before, Professor,” Cyclops said strongly, “We can protect Rogue from anything the Brotherhood has to throw at us.”

“Isn’t Magneto like 60 now anyway?” Iceman chimed in.

“You’re all not listing!” Rogue said standing up. Tears running down her face, “we made a promise, the Professor and I.”

“With the enemy!” Wolverine shouted.
“With a terrorist!” Gambit added.

“He may be all those things, but he took me in and then was willing to let me go to his enemy for help. I can’t…I won’t betray the kindness of what Magneto did by not living up to mah end of the deal.”

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